Antimicrobial Therapy

Dr. Sierakowski uses bacterial DNA analysis and phase contrast microscopy to identify the specific bacteria in the plaque biofilm that cause periodontal diseases.  This diagnostic information guides him in specific antimicrobial therapies which can be more predictable in saving your smile, especially in advanced cases.

Dr Sierakowski speaking with a patient in the examination room

Periodontitis is a polymicrobial infection.  So far, over 300 bacterial species have been identified in the oral cavity, plus protozoa, yeasts and viruses. 

What differentiates our practice from other periodontal offices is that Dr. Sierakowski not only treats the effect of the disease (gum pockets), but he can also diagnose the cause of the disease (the specific bacteria).  By identifying the specific bacteria, he can eliminate them and help prevent the disease from recurring.  Systemic antibiotics and other antimicrobial therapies can be used in conjunction with mechanical debridement for severe cases of periodontitis.

Dr. Sierakowski uses the phase contrast microscope to help determine what bacteria and microorganisms are in the mouth.  He is able to view the bacteria while it is still alive (which is different from other microscopes which cannot use live specimens) to actually see the motion and amount of disease causing microorganisms.  At the exam, we take a sample of the plaque bacteria and view it on a monitor attached to the microscope.  This allows patients to become more educated about their periodontal health and allows us to better treat the infection.

In some cases where the disease is more advanced or refractory to treatment, we may also obtain a bacterial profile analysis.  A saliva sample is sent to Oral DNA Labs in Minnesota.  The lab identifies which of the disease-causing bacteria are present based upon their specific DNA markers and sends us a report so that we can customize treatment with certain antibiotics or other antimicrobial agents.

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